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Did you know that 1:1 printing is another way to “green” your print marketing? By using 1:1 printing in combination with targeting and database cleansing, you reduce the volume of pages printed and, consequently, your impact on the environment.

Consider the example of a regional affiliate of a national insurance company. Its information packets were large, often reaching 70 pages. Not only was producing these packets time-consuming and expensive, but customers often complained that the information was difficult to understand.

So the company launched a new approach. It began personalizing the guides at the plan level. This alleviated subscriber confusion caused by the inclusion of irrelevant information. Plus, it reduced the size of the packets from 70 to 20 pages. This slashed production costs by as much as 60%. It reduced administrative costs and calls to its service center as well.

Certainly, the company achieved great marketing benefits, but think about its green benefits:

  • It slashed its paper consumption by 72%.
  • It slashed its ink consumption by 72%.
  • It reduced its energy, chemical and other consumption necessary to produce the unnecessary pages.
  • It reduced its consumption of fossil fuels used to deliver the extra poundage.

Now you have another reason to feel good about 1:1 printing. Not only does it improve your bottom line, but it’s Earth-friendly, too.

What could “greening” your print marketing do for you?

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