Patrick Whelan

Every day, thousands of marketing contacts clamor for your customers’ attention. What will make these customers stop and take the time to look at yours?

  1. Make them say, “Wow!”

Think of the outer envelope as a storefront. Use it to grab attention with more than just eye-catching images. Try different colored stocks, different plastic substrates or textures, or a new printing technique. One marketer was highly effective with a see-through red envelope with white knock-out copy. Make people look twice.

  1. Go dimensional.

Mail doesn’t have to be flat. Create interest by sending dimensional pieces that people can interact with. Try different types of folds. Unusual die cuts. Add eye-catching labels or stickers. Try pop-ups or accordion folds.

  1. Get recipients to interact.

Don’t just get people to react—get them to interact. What can you do to get recipients to open, close, fold out, or otherwise investigate your mail piece? This is the idea behind asking consumers to detach stickers and apply them to reply envelopes or gift cards. Any interaction with the mailer increases response.

  1. Make it easy to respond.

Make the mailer easy to respond to. Tell your story in sound bytes that are quick and easy to absorb. Use numbers or charts to tell your story in pictures rather than words. Prefill reply cards with recipients’ contact information so all they have to do is drop the card in the mail.

People love direct mail, but they like things to be easy too. Need help? Give us a call!


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