Patrick Whelan

One of the hottest shows on television is “Fixer Upper,” in which husband and wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines turn outdated and dilapidated homes into their clients’ dream homes. By tapping into the colors used by Joanna Gaines, the show’s designer, you can create fresh, engaging print marketing that appeals to a wide demographic of buyers, including fans of this wildly popular show.

As watchers of “Fixer Upper” know, Joanna Gaines goes for a clean, fresh look that reflects a bright, cheery, yet homey feel. Rather than chasing current design trends, she incorporates clean, classic colors to create a timeless look.  Use these colors in your designs to create a similar feel reminiscent of Joanna’s design aesthetic.

  1. Pastels. Joanna loves to use muted pastels, such as Cloudy Gray, Ella Rose, and Rainy Days, which she pairs with warm neutrals and soft textures.Consider using a textured stock or spot coating to create a textured substrate that pairs well with the Fixer Upper color palette.
  2. Natural tones. Gaines loves to go natural, with rich, earthly colors. Natural yellows, warm browns, and soft greens “feel like home,” she says. She likes to pair colors like Olive Grove with fresh florals and rustic elements.
  3. Classic, no-fail neutrals. As design trends come and go, Joanna relies heavily on the ever-fresh color of Shiplap, which creates the perfect backdrop for any design. For a more modern feel, the no-fail classic white is her “go to,” as well.

Love Fixer Upper style? Millions of viewers do. Tap into the same tones and help your buyers fall in love with your mailings as much as they have fallen in love with Joanne Gaines.


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