Do you have enough data in your marketing list to make your targeting as effective as it can be? If not, you can work with a reputable list provider to add fields that create exponentially more value.

This extra insight can enable better targeting. It can also save on your mailing costs. For example, if you’re a home renovator, you should know whether someone owns or is renting their home. If they own their home, you want to know when it was built. If the house was built in 2015, they aren’t likely to be renovating any time soon.

Most of us know you can refine a marketing list by age, gender, ethnicity, and household income. Here is a list of some of other data types you can use, as well:

If you sell services related to the home:

  • Homeowner or Renter
  • Square footage and lot size
  • Length of residence
  • Estimated home value

If you sell services related to automotive:

  • New or used car
  • Make and model of car
  • Estimated value of car

If you sell services to specific age groups:

  • Presence of children in the home
  • Presence of young adult
  • Presence of an elderly adult

Other consumer services:

  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Home business indicator
  • Business owner indicator
  • Deceased indicator
  • “Green aware” indicator

There are hundreds of different ways to refine data. You can also find out if someone donates to nonprofits, likes to participate in sweepstakes or contests, or even if they are known to respond to direct mail. Some indicators are based on modeling. Others are based on data sources.

Before sending out your next mail campaign, talk to us about your marketing goals and let us help you explore the wealth of data available to greatly enhance your efforts and return even more powerful ROI!

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