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Not sure if you want to expand your direct mail marketing strategies in 2022?

At Linemark, we’re strong supporters of direct mail marketing and help businesses everywhere successfully engage with their customer base every day. The best part is that we don’t have to simply believe that direct mail works – we’ve got the facts to prove it.

Dozens of studies have shown time and time again that direct mail just works. Today, let’s dig into some of the most important direct mail marketing statistics you need to know for 2022 and beyond.

Direct Mail Statistics

  • Open rates for direct mail can reach as high as 90 percent compared to the far smaller 23 percent open rate from email marketing. If you’ve ever received a promotional email in your inbox and quickly marked it as spam – even if you recognize the brand – you understand why.
  • The Canada Post found that engaging with direct mail was easier on the mind. In other words, people find opening and reading print mail to be simpler and more enjoyable than its digital counterparts.
  • The average American household receives only two pieces of direct mail each day compared to dozens, if not hundreds of emails. In fact, 55 percent of people say they “look forward” to the mail they receive each day, while they hardly pay attention to the promotional email content they receive.
  • 82 percent of millennials believe printed messages are more trustworthy than digital messages. They recognize and place more value on the time it took to create, print, and send out the mailers, and hold them in higher regard than those quickly created and sent en masse through email or online advertising.
  • 70 percent of people believe direct mail is more personal than the messages they receive online. This is bolstered by the fact that direct mail can be customized on an individual customer, demographic, or regional basis. In fact, simply adding the recipients’ names to your pieces of direct mail can increase response rates by 135 percent.
  • Direct mail shows a 37 percent higher response rate than email. People are more likely to respond to a physical piece of mail than one they may perceive as automatically generated by a computer program and sent to their inboxes.
  • Consumers actually want to receive direct mail from the brands they’re interested in. A study by Triadex Services revealed that 54 percent of those asked said they would feel positive toward receiving printed mail from their preferred brands.

The Bottom Line

As we move forward into the 2020s, some marketers may see the relationship direct mail has with “snail mail” as an outdated channel for engaging with customers. But the truth is: there’s a reason why 63 percent of direct to consumer brands invest in direct mail marketing statistics. It not only still works very well for the brands that use it – it often works far better than its perceived “modern” alternatives.

Still not sure about the efficacy of direct mail for your 2022 marketing campaign? Reach out to the team at Linemark today to learn more.

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