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2020 was definitely an interesting year worldwide, for a variety of reasons. Now in 2021 and into the future, industries of all stripes are changing the way they operate and looking to reshape their business models and capabilities. The large format printing industry is no different – as signage needs change and demand increases for clear, concise, and attractive physical messaging, businesses must adapt and master new techniques for addressing these needs.

Business as Usual

As more of the population receive vaccinations against COVID-19, we’ll continue seeing things return slowly back to normal. But resuming normal activities after such an unprecedented year will be downright historic for a huge number of industries. That’s why big flashy banners and awe-inspiring graphics will be all the rage as businesses try to capture public excitement for one of the biggest comeback stories of all time.

Remember, times of great turbulence and distress are usually followed by periods of incredible excitement. You’ve heard of the roaring 1920s, haven’t you? Experts say we might have another decade like it right around the corner. Large format print companies will have their work cut out for them creating fleet graphics, window graphics, floor graphics, building wraps, and much more that embody the unique thrill of such occasions.

Technology and Diversification

Brick-and-mortar businesses may have taken a huge hit in 2020, but software companies never sleep. Graphic design software has only become more advanced in the previous year, and in years to come we’ll see more eye-catching, fascinating displays put up by businesses worldwide. Large format printing companies are already experimenting with new features and functionalities in their new software and plan to deliver mind-boggling new projects for their clients.

Traditional demand for large displays in shop windows and billboards still exist, but since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, floor graphics and directional messaging have become more important than ever. Businesses are expected to show where customers should stand and how they should behave inside their establishments in accordance with pandemic protocols. Large format printing companies have found themselves helping businesses design and print these graphics more than ever before with the help of the new advancements in software technology we mentioned previously. As time goes on, many of these trends will remain long after the pandemic finally ends.

Personalization is Key

Keeping existing customers and ensuring previous customers return has never been more important than it has been during the pandemic. By personalizing both customer service and the large format printing products they offer, businesses in the printing industry have forged long-term relationships with their customers that should stand the test of time.

Research and development of new, more versatile materials, inks, substrates, and adhesives have enables large format printing projects that were impossible to imagine only a decade ago. These advancements are now allowing companies to offer incredible levels of detail and customization for their customers that all but guarantee repeat business. Plus, businesses in other industries are stepping up their games as well and recognizing that personalization in messaging should be a top priority in their marketing efforts – as a result, their partnerships with large format printing companies will be more crucial to long-term success than ever.

Need a Large Format Printing Expert?

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