Linemark Printing is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals through high-quality, impactful direct mail campaigns. But streamlining the mailing process and maximizing ROI can be a challenge. That’s where BCC Mail Manager comes in.

What is BCC Mail Manager?

BCC Mail Manager is a powerful software suite designed to take the complexity out of direct mail. It simplifies every step, from list management and cleaning to presorting, labeling, and reporting.

Why Choose BCC Mail Manager for Linemark Printing Customers?

1. Save Time and Money:

  • Automated workflows: Automate repetitive tasks like address cleaning, presorting, and label generation, freeing up your team for strategic initiatives.
  • Reduced postage costs: BCC Mail Manager optimizes mailings for maximum postage discounts, helping you save significantly on every campaign.
  • Improved efficiency: Eliminate manual errors and streamline your operation, leading to faster turnaround times and reduced costs.

2. Enhance Campaign Performance:

  • Targeted outreach: Segment and personalize your audience for more relevant and effective mailings.
  • Data-driven decisions: Track campaign performance with detailed reports and analytics, gaining valuable insights for future campaigns.
  • Increased engagement: BCC Mail Manager helps you reach the right people with the right message, leading to higher response rates and conversions.

3. Seamless Integration with Linemark’s Services:

  • Compatibility: BCC Mail Manager integrates seamlessly with most printing and mailing equipment, including those used by Linemark.
  • Streamlined workflow: Leverage Linemark’s expertise alongside BCC Mail Manager’s software for a truly comprehensive direct mail solution.
  • Dedicated support: Both Linemark and BCC Software offer excellent customer support to ensure you get the most out of your solution.

4. Future-Proof your Direct Mail Strategy:

  • Flexible and scalable: BCC Mail Manager adapts to your growing needs, accommodating more complex campaigns and larger volumes.
  • Regulatory compliance: Stay ahead of changing postal regulations with BCC Mail Manager’s built-in compliance features.
  • Innovative solutions: Access cutting-edge features like Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and advanced barcode capabilities for even more targeted and strategic campaigns.

Boost your direct mail game with BCC Mail Manager and Linemark Printing. Contact us today to learn how this powerful combination can help you achieve your marketing goals and maximize your ROI.

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