What determines success with a 1:1 (personalized) print campaign? Best practices!

Knowing today’s best practices can make the difference between good campaign and a great one. Let’s look at five best practices for 1:1 (personalized) print marketing that all marketers should keep in mind.

1. Tightly identify your target market. Know — really know — and understand to whom you are marketing and why. This allows you to focus your message and make it more relevant.

2. Have good data. Nothing can botch a personalized campaign like misspelled names or outdated data. Successful personalization starts with good, clean, up-to-date customer information.

3. Make it relevant. Data is just data — numbers in a spreadsheet. It’s up to you to make that information relevant. All the personalization in the world won’t help if the recipients don’t see the relevance of the contact.

4. Coordinate creative execution across multiple media. All direct mail campaigns need a great message and creative. If you reinforce this message across multiple media, such as following up with a personalized e-mail or text, results will soar.

5. Measure and test. How do you know your efforts are working? You test different variables in the campaign and measure your results over time. Test different images. Different offers. Different timing. Learn what strategies are most effective with your individual customer base.

When you sit down to create your next 1:1 print marketing program, remember that success doesn’t happen by accident. At the same time, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, either. By putting these best practices to work, you can get the most out of your next 1:1 print campaign.

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