David Ashton

Your customers are your most precious assets, so here are some great ideas for hanging onto them. In this post, we want to look specifically at how 1:1 printing can be used to increase customer loyalty and achieve your marketing goals.

1. Get to know your customers.
The more you know about your customers, the more relevant you can make your communications. When customers see you put forth this effort, this increases their sense that you value them. Send customer surveys and feedback requests that give your customers the opportunity to talk back to you. Pre-fill any response forms or use personalized URLs to make response easy. (Hint: Customers like easy!)

2. Use what you learn to improve your products and services.
Send follow-ups, letting your customers know what changes you are making based on their feedback. Imagine how they would feel receiving a personalized note from you, saying, “Jamie, in a recent survey, 10% of our customers said they wanted to see a new flavor of potato chips. We heard you! Introducing FlavorBlast Max!”

3. Recover from problems with grace and respect.
If one of your customers has a problem, take responsibility and go over and above to address it. Follow up with a personalized note or card. Address them by name and offer a personalized discount to apologize for their trouble.

4. Do everything you can to maintain customer trust, advocacy, and loyalty.
The more you communicate with your customers, the more they know you care. This creates a sense of trust. People want to do business with companies they trust, and they tend to recommend companies they trust to others.

Creating a strategy to nurture customer loyalty doesn’t have to be hard. Talk to us about using 1:1 printing to get you started.


Linemark is a privately-owned and operated printing & communications company headquartered within close proximity of the Washington DC / Baltimore Metro areas (Upper Marlboro, MD). Linemark is one of the fastest growing companies in the region within the communications industry. Operating 24 hours a day from a 90,000sq ft facility, the intensely customer focused company delivers solid and innovative solutions to their client base of associations, corporations and non-profit organizations.

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