Patrick Whelan

Are you planning an event? If so, marketing needs to go beyond direct mail and email. It requires a comprehensive strategy that ensures that your audience has a positive experience and spreads the word after it is over. Here’s a checklist that will make the event the best it can be.

  1. Direct mail. Consider a drip strategy: one mailing well in advance and one (or more) closer to the date to nudge them to respond if they have not already. People are busy. Get on their calendars early.
  2. Email. Touch base on a regular basis, so people do not forget about you. Send teasers about fun activities, engaging content, and featured speakers. Drip reminders and build excitement about the event.
  3. Promotional items. Well-chosen promotional items mailed in advance can pique interest and remind people of the event every time they see them. Order additional items as giveaways at the event itself. Make sure to order six to eight weeks in advance.
  4. Signs, banners, and floor displays. Use signage to provide clear identification of the location of the event and activities while it is in progress. Direct people to food, seminars, or other key events while they are there. Good signage creates a positive experience and increases the chances that people will come again.
  5. Table tents. These often overlooked marketing pieces can provide additional event information and cross-promote upcoming events or activities.
  6. T-shirts. Worn by your staff, branded T-shirts can be enormously helpful to attendees looking for information or support. Provided T-shirts as giveaways too, so attendees continue to promote your brand long after the event is over.
  7. Social media. Use social media to promote your event, encourage sign-ups, and promote your brand (and future events) afterward.

Successful events require much support—before, during, and afterward. Give us a call well in advance so we can help you make your event a success!

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