Steve Bearden

Linemark Printing has expanded its LayFlat book production lines to include two Imaging Solutions fastBook Professional 1000 binders.

“We installed our first fastBook machine about a year ago to see if it could in fact reduce the manual processes required to make a layflat, while still producing a high-quality book,” said Steve Bearden, President. “It did just that and we are moving more production to the format with a second machine.”

The fastBook platform combines many of the normally manual tasks required to produce a LayFlat book while increasing quality and consistency. The bookbinding equipment installed at Linemark has third-generation software and leverages barcoding for dynamic set-up and end-to-end automation.

As noted by David Ashton, EVP/Partner “We are seeing meaningful growth in the LayFlat product and want to fully support our clients’ needs. First by producing world-class bookbinding, then keeping pace with the volume and turnaround expectations. The fastBook is making that possible.”

Linemark has produced one-off, high-quality, custom LayFlat books in the photobook space for about 10 years. Linemark makes softcover, hardcover, and Layflat books for the Photobook, Children’s Story Book, and Yearbook industries.

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