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Are you wondering if there’s mail delivery today? Knowing the postal service schedule is essential for both personal and business mail planning. In 2024, the United States Postal Service (USPS) observes specific holidays where regular mail services are suspended. Let’s dive into the details.

USPS Mail Delivery Schedule for 2024

The USPS delivers mail every day except Sundays and the following holidays:

1. Monday, January 1: New Year’s Day
2. Monday, January 15: Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
3. Monday, February 19: Washington’s Birthday (President’s Day)
4. Monday, May 27: Memorial Day
5. Wednesday, June 19: Juneteenth
6. Thursday, July 4: Independence Day
7. Monday, September 2: Labor Day
8. Monday, October 14: Columbus Day
9. Monday, November 11: Veterans Day
10. Thursday, November 28: Thanksgiving Day
11. Wednesday, December 25: Christmas Day
12. Wednesday, January 1, 2025: New Year’s Day

It’s important to note these dates as they can affect when your mail will be delivered or when you should send out important documents and parcels.

Exceptions to the Rule: Express Mail®

Despite these holidays, there is an exception. In most locations, Express Mail® deliveries still occur on official USPS holidays. This service is crucial for urgent deliveries, ensuring that time-sensitive mail reaches its destination even during holiday periods.

What This Means for You

– On Regular Days: Expect your mail to be delivered as usual, barring any unforeseen circumstances like severe weather.
– On Sundays and Listed Holidays: No regular mail delivery will take place. However, if you have sent something via Express Mail®, it may still arrive on these days.
– Planning Ahead: If you need to send something important around these dates, plan accordingly. Consider the holidays and perhaps send your mail earlier to avoid delays.

Today’s Status

To know if there is mail delivery today, simply check if today’s date coincides with any of the above-listed holidays. If it does, then regular mail will not be delivered.


Understanding the USPS holiday schedule helps in planning your mail-related activities efficiently. Always consider these holidays when expecting or sending out mail to ensure timely delivery and avoid inconvenience. Remember, Express Mail® is your go-to for urgent deliveries even on holidays.

Stay updated with Linemark Printing and plan your mailings accordingly to keep your communications smooth and uninterrupted throughout the year!

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