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Harness the Power of USPS Informed Delivery with Linemark Printing

Updated: November 1, 2023 | Reading Time: 7 Minutes

In the swiftly evolving world of mail and communication, staying ahead of the curve means embracing both innovation and tradition. USPS Informed Delivery is an exciting service that has seamlessly integrated digital convenience into the ritual of receiving physical mail. Linemark Printing is at the forefront of this integration, providing services that help you add Informed Delivery to your direct mail pieces, combining the tactile impact of direct mail with the immediacy of digital communication.

What is USPS Informed Delivery?

Since its nationwide launch in 2017, USPS Informed Delivery has offered more than 22 million people a digital window into their mailboxes. This complimentary service from the USPS provides customers with email notifications containing grayscale images of their letter-sized mail scheduled for delivery. It’s a modern-day peek into your mailbox, available at your fingertips.

Linemark Printing Enhances Your Direct Mail with Informed Delivery

Linemark Printing understands the anticipation that comes with receiving a physical mail piece. By utilizing USPS Informed Delivery, we can help you capitalize on this anticipation, ensuring that your direct mail pieces are part of the digital previews that customers eagerly await. This dual impact—physical and digital—can significantly amplify your direct mail campaign’s visibility and engagement.

Comprehensive Service for Residential and P.O. Box Customers

Informed Delivery is primarily accessible to residential users and personal P.O. Boxes within specific ZIP codes. As it currently stands, business addresses are excluded from the service. However, Linemark Printing can assist residential customers in enriching their mail experience with enhanced direct mail pieces that stand out in both the physical and digital realms.

Direct Mail Without the Junk

Even though Informed Delivery does not filter mail types and presents every piece of letter-sized mail, including advertisements, Linemark Printing’s strategic design and messaging can ensure your direct mail pieces capture attention. With our expertise, your direct mail can rise above the clutter and make a memorable impression in the digital preview.

Dependable Notifications and Precision

While the USPS Informed Delivery aims for precise delivery notifications, the system isn’t infallible. Discrepancies between the digital preview and physical delivery can occur. Linemark Printing can guide you through these nuances, ensuring your direct mail campaigns align effectively with the Informed Delivery service for maximum impact.

Embracing USPS Exclusivity with Linemark Printing

Informed Delivery is exclusive to USPS-delivered items, and as a result, it does not incorporate items from other carriers. At Linemark Printing, we are well-versed in the specific parameters of this service and can tailor your direct mail pieces to leverage this USPS-only feature to its fullest potential.

Easy Signup with Linemark Printing’s Assistance

Subscribers receive an Informed Delivery update each morning, excluding Sundays and federal holidays. Linemark Printing can help you navigate the signup process, address verification, and tailor your direct mail campaigns to meet the optimal conditions of the Informed Delivery service.

Direct Mail Optimized for Informed Delivery

Ensure your direct mail campaigns are optimized for Informed Delivery eligibility. Linemark Printing will assist you in making sure that your direct mail pieces are designed and formatted to meet USPS guidelines, enhancing the chance of your mail being featured in the digital preview.

Linemark Printing: Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical

With Linemark Printing, you’re not just sending mail; you’re creating an experience. We bring the future of mail into the present by integrating Informed Delivery into your direct mail strategies, offering a multi-dimensional approach that captures the essence of anticipation and engagement in both digital and physical mail landscapes.

Discover the possibilities with Linemark Printing and make every mail piece count in the age of digital enhancement with USPS Informed Delivery.

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