Patrick Whelan

From a consumer perspective, there isn’t print marketing or digital marketing. It’s all just marketing. What consumers care about is the relevance of what you have to say. That’s why the most effective messaging starts with data. By gathering as much data about your audience as possible, you can make your message richer and more effective.

Here are some best practices to get you started:

  • Whether it’s print or email, regularly cleanse and update your contact list. Email requires that you do this more frequently than print since these addresses go out of date more quickly.
  • Make it a priority to continually invest in new data to learn more about each recipient.
  • Segment your messaging to better target your message to different customer groups.
  • Layer on as much personalization as possible.
  • Integrate marketing channels like print, email, and mobile, so they complement one another.

Part of creating relevance is utilizing each channel’s strengths in a way that makes sense for each channel. For example, there are some strengths that are unique to print, so capitalize on those as part of your messaging, too.

For example,

  • Integrate tactile media, such as textured surfaces or stocks to create a memorable experience.
  • Take advantage of the vibrant nature of printed color to evoke emotion in your imagery.
  • Add special effects such as coating, die-cuts, and embossing.
  • Go dimensional and create effects digital cannot replicate.
  • When appropriate, include product samples, personalized booklets, and other incentives not possible in a digital world.

As you integrate your channels, whether print or digital, be sure to maintain consistent branding and messaging across them all.

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