Patrick Whelan

One topic that has fascinated marketers for decades has been buyer psychology. What makes people buy? What types of messaging are the most likely to trigger response? By tweaking the wording even slightly, it’s amazing how much better your results can be. Let’s look at three simple changes you can make to your messaging to boost response.

  1. Define their identity.

People tend to become who they are labeled to be. As a nonprofit, for example, if you label someone a “power donor,” they are more likely to give than if you simply call them by name. Likewise, if you’re a bakery, recipients are more likely to bring in that direct mail coupon if you call them a “strudel lover” or a “cupcake connossieur.”

  1. Set a minimum.

Set a minimum purchase or, if you’re fundraising, a minimum donation. In research done for the American Cancer Society, Robert Cialdini found that adding a minimum to the call to action increased donations by 78%.

  1. Make it urgent.

It’s easy to delay making a purchase, so reduce attrition by adding deadlines to motivate your audience. “Three days only!” is more powerful than “Act now!”

It might be hard to comprehend how such simple wording changes could pay such huge dividends, but repeatedly, the studies show that they do.

Want to prove it for yourself? Contact us and let us help you transforming your marketing using these simple behavioral techniques.

Based on data drawn from “10 Ways to Increase Conversions Using Psychology [Infographic]” from HelpScout.



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