Enterprise Solutions

Linemark isn’t satisfied at just delivering the sharpest, most timely and targeted communications for its clients — we also know the importance of continuous customer service. That’s where our unique suite of productivity tools come in: efficient, customized online applications that make your job easier. No one else offers this powerful management portfolio, which affords unprecedented control, organization and collaboration. Schedule a web or personal demonstration of our Companion tools to see how we can simplify and improve your messaging processes.

Order Companion™

Create, order, re-order and track your products — right from your desktop. Linemark’s proprietary Order Companion software makes it easier than ever to manage all of your communications projects from one, fully customizable interface. With our digital workflow, you can get your job on press quickly — anytime, and from anywhere — even print-on-demand and variable data jobs. Have a question about the process? Tap in to our Online Live Chat for the answers you need.

Fulfillment Companion™

Storing your printed materials in your workplace can lead to clutter, damage and disorganization. Linemark brings order to chaos with our ample warehouse space and online tools that allow you to manage your inventory quickly and easily. Our fulfillment experts can design and automate the processes you need to streamline your supply chain. Use our Fulfillment Companion to view, order and track inventory, download real-time sales and shipping reports, receive status notifications and reduce waste.

Creative Companion™

Securing your digital assets in a cloud-based library frees up computer space and improves collaboration and efficiency. With its easy-to-use file uploader and advanced search capabilities, Linemark’s Creative Companion gives you better control of your files. Preview, edit, share and repurpose documents, artwork, images, sound and video clips and data. Our user-friendly interface allows you to access what you need no matter where you are or whatever the hour.

Retail Companion™

Linemark makes it simple to go direct to consumer with your printed or digital products through our storefront solution. Uniquely branded for your company, our interface includes full search functionality, as well as customized grouping and recommendation pairings. The intelligent shopping cart is backed by secure merchant services. Your storefront works seamlessly across all standard browsers and is SEO friendly and Google Analytics ready. From product presentation, through ordering, shipping and tracking, your retail sales have never been easier.

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