Proof Central

Proofing projects prior to production is critical to a successful outcome. Many projects still require a hard copy proof while others work well within an electronic environment; or sometimes even a combination of the two. When proofing electronically, typically we are looking for efficiency and speed without jeopardizing accuracy. Proof HQ provides that stable, efficient platform while still offering the ability to annotate and track your proofs.

1. Review your proof:

You’ll receive an email confirmation when you have a proof to review for your project. Click the link to display your proof. Move around the proof and zoom using the toolbars at the bottom of the page. Rotate and flip pages for easier viewing. Display all pages within the proof for easy reviewing.




2. Add your comments:

You can add comments or sticky notes to a proof by clicking the Add Comment button on the proof page. You then select the area of the proof that you want to comment on and type your message into the box. You can also use the mark-up tool for additional communication. Easily print out your list of comments in an organized format.




3. Make a decision:

Select the green “Decision” button on the proof to update the status. You can choose from the following: Approved. Changes Required. Approved with Changes. Not Relevant.





For more information on the type of proofing that will best suit your needs or for additional information on Proof HQ, please contact your Account Team today!