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Still have your old high school yearbook? Odds are, you probably have more than one!

Yearbooks should always be made to last. After all, they are specifically designed to preserve memories from some of the most exciting times in any young life.

That’s why when you set out to create a perfect high school yearbook, it’s crucial you understand how to make one that will both stand the test of time and do justice to the memories your students cherish most.

Choose an Eye-Catching Cover

The most popular design element of any high school yearbook is a full-color printed cover. When you go this route, you’ll have a huge number of design techniques and colors to choose from that will immediately capture the attention of your students, their families, and friends for years to come.

A custom yearbook printing company will typically offer a wide selection of professionally designed stock covers, but will also provide you with the option to create your own custom cover. Then, they’ll apply a supremely durable coating to your yearbook cover – that’s the reason why your old yearbooks still look and feel as great as they did when you first bought them.

Embossing or Debossing

Many yearbook designers love using embossed or debossed images on their covers. By combining both heat and pressure on the cover, you can create raised or 3D images that literally pop out from the book. Talk about eye-catching!

Types of Paper

Since yearbooks are among the toughest books out there, most use sturdy coated glossy paper crafted for both opacity and longevity. These usually come in 80-lb. and 100-lb. forms depending on the type of feel you want each page to have.

Remember: the studier the paper you choose, the harder it’ll be for the little ones to tear or stain pages that contain literal memories of the past. You want your students to be able to show off their high school haircuts to their kids and grandkids, don’t you?

Binding Options

The most professional and reputable custom yearbook companies you encounter will always offer custom bindery solutions so you end up with a uniquely designed yearbook that acts as a long-lasting archive of the most formative years of your students’ lives. The most popular and cost-effective form of custom binding for yearbooks is hardbound, also known as hardcover or hardback, binding. However, you can also choose perfect bound, wire bound, or even spiral bound yearbook binding depending on your budgetary needs and style preferences.

Partner with an On-Demand Yearbook Printing Company

Contact Linemark today to discuss your options for custom printing a phenomenal high school yearbook for each student in your school. And don’t worry about having to order a set amount months in advance – Linemark can help you with on-demand printing services to ensure you only pay for the exact amount of yearbooks your students need.

For more information about our yearbook printing process, speak with one of our service representatives today!

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