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Nobody wants surprises as their job moves through the production process: Mistakes can have a huge impact on the look, cost and timeliness of your communications pieces. That’s why Linemark provides a suite of free resources to ensure that your job starts and ends just as you planned. Before you begin your project, be sure to check out our useful templates and settings, sizing and reference guides.

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Upload Your Files

If you know your Account Executive, click their direct link to upload files. If you aren’t sure, please use the generic inbox link below.
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Linemark Forms

Speed up your job by downloading the Linemark Credit Application and other forms you need to get started.

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Envelope Sizing Guide

Quickly determine the envelope you need, and the insert size for your next project. Click below to scan scores of possibilities and their most common uses..
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Output/PDF Settings

Plug in our preferred settings to make sure your PDF prints as sharply as it appears on-screen..
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Direct Mail Reference Guide

Keeping up with postal rates and regulations is no easy task. Download Linemark’s quick reference guide that will walk you through the most common mailing scenarios.

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Templates & Indicias

Download popular layout templates and indicias to take the guesswork out of your design and mailing. Click below to access templates for labels, CDs mailings and more.
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